“Fill My Within With Songs”

Review of Penumbra Of Indian Verses; Sonnet Mondal; Cyberwit.net Sept 2010; pp 92; Rs 150

– Juhi Chowdhury

Penumbra of Indian Verses by Dr Sonnet Mondal, internationally acclaimed young Indian English poet, honoured several times and the pioneer of  ‘21 lines of fusion sonnet’ is such a delicious dish for the literature-hungry minds, where readers will find every ingredient in appropriate quantity and pure essence flooding with the verses surpassing all punctuations. His ink flows like never dammed  water wetting every corner by bemusing emotions, powerful desires, alluring imageries, vistas of present society, spark of science in the midst.

This book contains 75 poems penned mostly at night. This book is marked as an instance how the blind darkness can radiate powerful beams of high intensity and of high frequency after dispersing through the poet’s lensing heart of high resolution. Innovative contrasts, sound, beautiful comparisons like-‘Her arms lay across her breasts/As if two water lilies lying across two lotuses!!’(“The Dying Beauty), dilemma, diction cart the lines from imaging-sensing-realizing arena to intellectual inventing-hypnotizing-subduing field freeing ropes of inertial hypocrisy of mind with a poignant relish.

Poet’s discerning brilliance is sighted at-

“But, poetry lies in decimals; never in the air

That is fully balanced, for it’s just the medium towards completeness of                                           desire.”

…………. (My Mentors and  my Poems)

Sonnet’s “Too See You Smiling” tickles readers’ mind with the veriest softness of trivial yet very strong feeling-

“Just make me feel your presence

Through a whispering breathe.

Take me somewhere where

I can just see you smiling

There lies my ambition.”

Desires strongly worded in verse-

“Oh Mistress of care, deity of harmony-

Come and dip me in the ever flowing lake of romances;

Wipe off my hardness with dancing waters

Fill my within with songs, carols and dance-”…(The Dying Beauty)

“Checks and Measures” has unfolded poet’s concern about his “children”(poetry) and too of the blooming poets in true sense. Love has spewed fragrance of  purity and lust with enigmatic doubt through his lines-

“Lips experiencing softness and pleasure-

Love or sin?”……………(Victoria –A Satirical Shelter)


Somewhere poet’s mind enchanted by the music of nature becomes restless to find the ‘musician’-      “And sweetest of all sounds-

Holistic, Healing and profound.

Who’s the tireless musician?

Who’s the composer?

I want to hear more-


I want to dance with the

Dancing sands and pebbles

Till I fall into the black-hole of knowledge.”…(Who’s the musician?)

Like the poet has been found to accumulate all music to weave in garland in the form of verse, he too has aired his agony, misfortune, protestation, handicapped figures through his poems from mine to disease, even the inner conflict. What incredibly make the poet’s flow of expression atypical yet compatible with the rhythm of life are unfathomable purity, lucid and fluent language, spontaneity, honest confession. At the end readers are surely to go with the poet’s voice “My existence swimming in vastness” of penumbral array.

* Juhi Chowdhury is a first-year aerospace engineering student of Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur. She started writing poetry in Bengali when she was in class III. From then on she held her pen to write poetry in English, out of which some were published in ‘The Enchanting Verses’, ‘Wilderness House Literary Review’, ‘Kritya and Asian American Poetry’. She’s also a classical dancer by passion.

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