Rebels On A High…

Review of Incredible High – Rebels On a Road Trip; Atul Kapoor; Cedar Books 2010; Rs 175; pp 255

– Shana Susan Ninan

Yep. They are rebels. And they’re on a road trip.

Nikhil and BRD – Bips, Raka and Danish – all friends of his, go on an incredible trip to Leh. A place that tests the strength of friendship. And true to the name of the novel, Incredible High, the above characters, accompanied by Nimmo, Nikhil’s girl, decide to “ride” all the way up the mountains. But the story starts off much earlier – during their high school time when the boys are the typical lazy teenagers, talking about girls all the time and whiling away their days of glory.

The first part of the book deals with the characters’ lives when they’re younger and brattier. Spelling mistakes and a couple of phrasal errors make reading a tad bit heavy. So do the excess lascivious comments and regionalisms in the language. The second part is where all the action is. The first part needs tight editing in order to appeal to youngsters. But Atul’s description of the Leh trip is very good. The scenes are well-explained and anyone who loves travelling and adventure will feel the rush.

The characters grow up as you read through the pages. They face difficulties (read, parents), go through harsh situations in life and even reach a point where they are clueless or unsuccessful with their chosen careers. This trip is an eye-opener in more than one way for each of them.

The book has interesting quotes and situations. Here’s one:

We parked our bikes on the edge of the road and rushed towards the nearest truck for shelter. My hands had turned inactive, not responding at all… There were red scars all over them. “Frost bites,” Danish suspected. What was that, I surmised. I only knew about ‘love bites’, Nimmo was once so fond of marking on my skin and my goodness, they looked exactly same. Who could have thought that two identical bites could materialise in drastically opposite settings, one by tender lips of a girl, other by hostile jaws of death?

There’s humour, too, in Incredible High. The humour comes out in the circumstances that arise during their trip and also in their school and college days.    

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