Take A Break, Teens!

Review of Figure It Out – The Ultimate Guide to Teen Fitness; Namita Jain; Penguin Books 2011; Rs 199; pp 189
–    Shana Susan Ninan

Teenage is a period where one is very conscious of the way one looks, eats, walks, and does just about anything! Then there are also a few who do not care about their lifestyle or looks. Teens go through a lot of physical and mental changes, most of which are tremendously mood-altering. They also undergo a lot of stress and tensions. Many youngsters do need a good break to sit down and figure out a diet and exercise plan. Fitness and wellness expert Namita Jain’s Figure It Out is a handbook for those in their teens.

There are 50 short chapters elaborating 50 different factors that teens need to look upon – ranging from identifying your body type, frequency of drinking water and having a balanced meal, acne and its care, calorie list, exercise tips and FAQs.

She gives smart and feasible ideas and tips that teens can try out and succeed. The fours S’s of fitness – stamina, strength, suppleness and stability – are well-explained by Jain as you progress through the book. She touches well upon going to the gym, its do’s and don’ts, exercising accessories, fitness gear, training methods and stretching. Two things teens have to be very careful about are starving to lose weight and overstraining to gain mass or muscle. Jain’s exercise tips are very useful here.

This book is an easy read and you can skip through chapters you’re already well-versed with. The language is simple and at no point is it persuasive. Instead, she uses real examples to drive home the point.

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