Practically Speaking…

About the book:

New Greenleaf Book Group title ranks 4th on The Wall Street Journal list, 12th on The New York Times list and 5th on USA Today list.

Terri Sjodin’s Small Message, Big Impact: How to Put the Power of the Elevator Speech Effect to Work for You shares entertaining and practical advice on effectively conveying an important message in a short period of time. Revealing how to build a persuasive case, bring a message to life and implement an authentic voice, Small Message, Big Impact is a valuable resource for any industry or purpose, be it professional, academic, political, philanthropic or personal.

Terri L. Sjodin is the principal and founder of Sjodin Communications, a public speaking, sales training and consulting firm. For more than twenty years, Terri has served as a speaker and consultant to an impressive list of companies, industry associations, academic conferences, CEOs and members of the United States Congress.

This is Greenleaf Book Group’s eleventh book to hit bestseller status on lists including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today.

About Greenleaf Book Group:

Greenleaf Book Group  is  a  publisher  and  distributor  best  known  for  its  innovative  business  model, distribution power and award-winning designs. Named one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. magazine, it has represented more than 1,000 titles, including eleven that hit the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or USA Today bestseller lists.  You can learn more about Greenleaf on  its website http://www.greenleafbookgroup.com and blog http://www.bigbadbookblog.com.


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