Love Is A Dangerous Game

Review of My Love Never Faked… Trust Me I Still Love You; Nikhil Mahajan; Srishti Publishers and Distributors 2010; Rs 100; 182

– Shana Susan Ninan

It is one thing to love, but quite another to talk about your love. Nikhil Mahajan’s debut novel, My Love Never Faked is a college love story of two hearts that craved for each other and were separated through circumstances. The novel’s plot spans a couple of years and follows the lives of three close friends – Abhi, Ashit and Vicky – and Abhi’s girl, Priya.

Abhi is head over heels in love with Priya. Their love blossoms and reaches a point where one takes the other for granted. After the first few flirty months, Abhi gets himself dragged into ‘innocent’ encounters with someone else. A fractured leg, jobless times and a busy girl friend only adds fuel to the flaming fire. The reader, at least in two or three places, tends to feel bad for Priya and would love to push Abhi down the balcony for his careless attitude.

Nikhil has captured the musings of a teenage heart very well. When you read the book – and it’s an easy read – you kinda go back years to when you were in college and was in similar shoes. Some instances in the story put a smile on your face.

A slight scarcity of editing lends the story a few pauses. The writing, too, needs to be polished a little. On the whole, My Love Never Faked is a cute little love story.


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