Tracking The Teens

A synopsis of Subhasis Ghosal’s ‘Those Were The Days’:

Class 12th BOARDS EXAMS! These words are enough to send jitters down any student’s spine – including the most academically sound ones. However, the bottom-rankers of the class did not seem bothered. This story revolves around the adventures, rather misadventures, of three friends who are in class 12th – Science stream. Aaditya, Shubroto and Lucky, with their final boards exams just round the corner, are in a state of dilemma about what the future holds in store for them after they have passed out of school.

Bottom rankers of the class, instead of putting all efforts in studying for the exams, Shubroto convinces Aaditya and Lucky to lie to their parents, and set off for a trip to Jammu. Does the trip turn out exactly the way they had planned it to be? Who is the special person that Aaditya meets in this trip?Somehow managing to escape from this trip filled with fuckups, on their return, the three friends are shaken with the news of their exams being pre-scheduled. Needless to say, they are not prepared for any of the subjects, and hence are compelled to zero upon various risky strategies to enable them pass their exams. This leads to a turn of events which are extremely funny, yet hair-raising.

The story is a humorous narrative about hysteric adventures, undying friendship, adolescent love, first date, engineering entrance exams, career confusion and parental pressures – to sum it up, the journey of three high-school boys from the unperturbed school life to the real world of careers and responsibilities. The writer has summed up the essence of this story in the light-hearted narration of the ups-and-downs in the lives of the three friends. Reading this narrative is sure to be a nostalgic experience, as the reader can easily relate and identify with the characters of the story, and will be taken back to the times when having fun was not synonymous with spending loads of money. This fast-paced story is complemented with the author’s simple yet witty style of writing – an attribute which makes the reader hooked on to the story.


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