A Detective Luminary!

Appreciation of Jack Reacher, from Lee Child’s Without Fail

– Sharon Pradeeptha

Daring, Tactful, Skilled, aptly chosen for the most dangerous job… Jack Reacher is indeed the best crime detective. He is an expert crime analyst. He visualizes the possible solutions, traces and retraces his plans. He is very meticulous when he hears about the enemy’s hiding. He plans the attack very carefully and executes the plan with utmost diligence.

Reacher expresses his generosity when he promises to arrange a concert for the old singing couple who helped him during his stay in the hotel. He uses his deductive skills when he makes out the whole sketch of the assassins based on a hyphen between two words. He is also a proven army personnel as he uses the training he received in the military to get out of risky, life-threatening situations. He also confirms himself as a very efficient detective when he finally kills the assassins behind the death of M.E Froelich and threatening letters for the Vice President. He finally emerges successful.

This is my first Jack Reacher novel and I am really amazed by his detective skills in different situations. Lee Child is indeed a specialist in crime thrillers.


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A Detective Luminary!, 5.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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