Vengeance Is Mine

Review of Haunted; Douglas Misquita; Frog Books 2011; Rs350; pp 372

– Shana Susan Ninan

The almost black and white colour scheme on the cover clearly defines a theme that runs across the pages of Douglas Misquita’s Haunted – the demarcation between good and evil. It is his first published work and was written during his college days. The thriller fiction novel traces the life and doings of FBI Special agent Kirk Ingram, especially after the deaths of his wife and daughter at the hands of a don. He then vows revenge on the whole world, practically. In other words, Ingram tries his maximum best to bring down organised crime nexuses in whichever way possible. He doesn’t tire. He doesn’t feel like stopping. Each crime he busts and each criminal he shuts behind bars drive him forward for more.

The story moves on with more mysterious happenings across the globe. A Balkan terrorist group operating under a tyrannous dictator has its feet firmly planted in the US and Russia. They move their goods via a safe and impenetrable network. But the dominoes tip over with the hunt for a certain fatal nerve agent as well as the death of an important person. Or rather, a person holding a lot of important information.

Although Ingram is the foremost character of the plot, there are other persons aiding him in his hunt for mercenaries and terrorists. The only long-standing woman character in the list is a smart, stop-at-nothing girl. Her guts are amazing and Misquita has let her be evolved nicely, kneading her into the story well after Ingram’s has been etched. The book turns out to be a good-guy-bad-guy chase towards the end, and keeps you at the edge of the seat. Some areas do get predictable at times, kinda reminding us of movie chases.

Misquita’s words reminded me of the KGB chase stories I’d read years ago. It brought me to the thought of how well Indian thriller authors have shaped themselves up in the last couple of years. And, Haunted is one book that totally fits the category of a super ecstatic thriller novel. It has adventure, cop chases, detective work, terrorist activities and quite a bit of action.

The author has used visual words that send the point directly home. Even the minutest sound is magnified in this book. You might even ‘hear’ the slug of a sniper bullet ‘clink’ on the floor next to you. And, to make the reading even more interesting, you’ll be glued to the book, I assure.

Here’s the beginning of one of my favourite scenes: – He yanked open the driver’s door, jumped in and shouted, “Get down!” just as the passenger window imploded. There was a dull thunk! as the bullet lodged into the dashboard above the gearshift.

Ingram’s vengeance is what keeps him alive. His dedication to his work keeps him alert and sharp. But he’s also battling demons that have possessed him over the years. Loneliness, for one. His personal battles are avenged through his professional life. The character of Ingram is profoundly intriguing and unfolds very neatly as the plot thickens. I enjoyed every bit of the book. The only issue I do not agree with is the book’s cover. What lies inside is a treasure of writing; the cover does very minimum to reflect the contents.

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Vengeance Is Mine, 9.2 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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  1. May 27th, 2011 | Gopi says:

    good book to read. and enjoy. i would like the viewers to read the book.

  2. May 27th, 2011 | Munish Khanna says:

    Good work a nice novel……………

  3. May 27th, 2011 | Craig Smith says:

    Awesome review! And congrats to Douglas on a thrilling book :).

  4. May 27th, 2011 | Prachi says:

    Wat an amazing novel !I give it 10 on 10 .

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