Ah, That Thing Called Life!

Review of Fate, Fraud & a Friday Wedding; Bhavna Rai; Cedar Books 2010; Rs 150, pp 288

– Shana Susan Ninan

Alliterative titles are attractive. Couple that with an intriguing flashback and a string of bubbly characters, you get Bhavna Rai’s Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding. Born in Delhi and having worked in technological firms in various countries across the globe, Bhavna’s wide travelling and expertise in the IT field has lend an authentic feel to the story line. I was totally impressed with the plot – two men (Anand and Neel) who have a professional, and later on, a personal connection. They both have something and someone in common: an IT firm and Tara Mehra, the protagonist of the story.

The lead character has been well-developed by Bhavna. Tara Mehra is a beautiful, opinionated and very successful woman. That’s if you forget the fact that she has a spot to fill in her life. She’s seen her share of men, but hasn’t been able to commit to anyone for longer than a few months. As her friends get married one by one, she starts to feel the void in her life. It doesn’t take her much time to find another guy, but when she does, it changes her life and those of a few others as well!

The conversations in the book are rich with emotions and thoughts. Words create concrete images of the lifestyle of the crème de la crème of the high society in Delhi. The work culture in IT and technology firms come though vividly.

The intense dissimilarities between two cultures, and their respective aspirations and ideas are portrayed well by the author. At no point do you feel that Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding slows down. It has all the things promised in the title – the intertwined fate of its characters, a fraud that gets the ball rolling on one side and a largish Friday wedding that sets off a certain spark. Bhavna’s debut novel is a star that promises good work to follow.





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Ah, That Thing Called Life!, 7.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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