Chasing The ‘Eye’

Review of  Terror on the Titanic – A Morningstar Agency Adventure; Samit Basu; Scholastic June 2010; pp 195; Rs 150

– Shana Susan Ninan

Before I dug into the famous GameWorld trilogy by Samit Basu, I wanted to read one of his previous works. Terror on the Titanic – A Morningstar Agency Adventure is peppered with awesome adventure, fantasy and chases.

This young adult fiction novel has Nathaniel Brown, an Anglo-Indian reporter handling – or rather trying to – his first case alone. It’s 1912, and most of the action happens onboard the Titanic, yep, Titanic. And Nathaniel’s job is to make sure that the Eye of the Empire – a large ruby – does not reach America. His colleague and love interest, Genevieve comes to his aid in chasing the Eye that’s sought after by many, out of whom not all are human.

There are many monstrous aliens, immortal beings and nearly extra-terrestrial character. I loved the Parloks. The Parloks are fun – they can change from humans to animals and vice versa! Shades of Terry Pratchett-esque dialogues and scenery are visible in Samit’s work. The fantastical elements of the novel are well-plotted and unfold superbly.

Humour in the novel can be attributed to Nathaniel and the situations he finds himself in. Genevieve’s smart-alecky comments and retorts, too, are witty. Samit takes his reader through a simple story narrated with precision. Even the smallest of the sentences have been crafted with utmost care, it seems.

Samit is a novelist, comic writer, screenplay writer and freelance journalist among other things. His style of writing is very appealing, and cuts across age groups. Youngsters and adults will like this novel, which is the first one in the Morningstar Agency series. If you’re the kind who’d pick up a book that has an intriguing cover, then you got yourself one more solid reason to buy Terror on the Titanic.

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