Playing With Fire? You’ll Get Burned!

Review of Burned; Franklin W. Dixon; Aladdin Paperbacks; Rs 123; pp 154

– Sharon Pradeeptha

In their latest mission, Burned, undercover brothers – Joe and Frank Hardy – have to smoke out the mastermind of an international company that employs teenagers to burn CDs illegally. The brothers, who work for ATAC (American Teens Against Crime), target their prime suspect: Julian Sanders, a classmate of Joe Hardy’s in Bayport High School.

Joe befriends Sanders and discovers that he is a one man factory for burning CDs. He has all the latest brands, and records almost thousands of CDs for a guy called C.D. Burns. When confronted about Burns, Sanders is scared to reveal his identity. The Hardys gather a range of suspects, all of them connected to the mysterious Burns.

Unable to contain their curiosity they email Burns and ask him whether they could work for him. He replies positively and promises to send them the required money and CDs. What follows the Hardy brothers is a trail of shocking and connected events which the both of them have to unravel. They hit gold when Belinda Conrad, Frank’s admirer, invites him to a Flaming Pigs concert. This gives him a chance to snoop around the backstage and find out who’s been selling bootleg copies of the band’s album as well as endangering the lives of the band members and those at the concert.

With a few smart moves, the brothers, along with the help of the Flaming Pigs, lure the criminal to accept their offer. Which he does! The boys get the shock of their lives when they finally figure out the ‘man behind it all’. The boys are miraculously rescued by the Flaming Pigs from a life-threatening situation.

Dixon has an extraordinary class in removing the layers of mystery in the book. You’ll practically wish you could do it yourself! As an avid reader of The Hardy Boys series, I can say that this book unleashes that detective in you into discovering who the real C.D. Burns is.

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Playing With Fire? You’ll Get Burned!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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