Words After Death…

– Shana Susan Ninan

Sometimes it takes someone’s death for us to know more about them and their life. It’s the same with the books they’ve read or written.

After my maternal granny – the last of my grandparents – died last Thursday, the family decided to clear up her cupboards and almirahs, as was customary after someone passed away. Besides the saris, clothes, jewellery and knick-knacks, I found a nearly tattered, brown-paper-covered book, signed 1956. That was the year she started writing in it. There were subsequent additions in the following days and years.

There were short stories in Kannada, Sanskrit slokas and prayers, conversion tables written down, extracts of Vivekananda’s sayings, granny’s poems, birthday reminders, the Kannada and English alphabet, English phrases and idioms and their meanings and more, all in that book. On a certain page she had signed her maiden name, too, which means the river Cauvery.

My granny was a middle school teacher all her life. But her death didn’t stop the wealth of information from being passed on. Her words are still with me. Neither death nor time can take them away.

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