A Fundo Book!

Five Point Someone – What not to do in IIT!; Chetan Bhagat; Rupa & Co. 2004; pp 288; Rs 95

– Shana Susan Ninan

Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone – What not to do in IIT! elucidates the funny and serious happenings in a college environment. It has all the goings-on from back-breaking lecture sessions and never-ending assignments to love interests – or the lack thereof – of the protagonists and the seemingly big and small things you do to and for your friends.

Bhagat’s conversational sentences are what struck me the best. It gives the readers such an ease with which to glide over the book!The smattering of the native tongue and the coolest use of the most often said cuss words only adds to the total ‘college’ feel. It’s not just the IITians who’d be able to identify with the story and its plot, but all college-goers. That’s what catapulted Bhagat to an international bestseller.

Being an IITian himself, I’m sure most of the incidents mentioned were taken out of his friends’ lives, if not autobiograohical. The characters and their qualities are well-rounded and take shape with each passing event.

One cannot but compare the book with the movie. I always like books to their movie counterparts. But this was one instance where the movie managed to stand out on its own, largely because of the book’s ability to have already provide the guiding light for the script, I’d say.

Verdict: I certainly relived college moments in my mind while reading it. Very vivid in portrayal; deals with serious issues in an interestingly funny manner, driving home the point much better.

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A Fundo Book!, 8.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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