Old Books! Whoa!

I found one of the oldest copies of Frederick Forsythe’s The Day Of The Jackal – one that cost Rs 10, ten years ago! And I re-read the book. What a feeling it was. I’ve read it some three times in the past, once as e-book and watched the movie, too.

The Day Of The Jackal is medium-paced thriller that picks up pace towards the middle, and is about an English hitman – one of the most potent single-man assassins of his time – who tries to assassinate France’s President, Charles de Gaulle. It is set in 1963, when France was not quite stable and was in need of preventing a civil war. The assassination would’ve left the country and probably all of Europe in turmoil.

The words are superbly-woven around a theme I love – presidential assassinations. And it’s a classic by one of my authors, Frederick Forsythe.

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