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What else? A Wodehouse classic ‘Pigs Have Wings’.

Everyone everywhere in and around London has dropped into Blandings Castle. Including Lord Emsworth’s arch enemy Sir Gregory Parsloe, too, who, visits the place. His fiance is residing in the castle!

And, as expected everyone knows every other guests in the house. A used to be engaged to B, who is now Marrying C, who just broke off the engagement with D, and so on.

In this story we get to know Beach the Butler’s first name. Something Gally didn’t know all the 20 years he’s been in this man’s care.

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  1. December 9th, 2010 | Anurag Anand says:

    Wonder if ‘Pigs have wings’ had something to do with the outbreak of ‘Swine Flu(ew)’ 😛

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