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I’m a few hours short of 25; live in a technology-driven world where everything is available within a second’s touch; is crazy about travel and last-minute-planned-trips; have read books on a lotta topics, including travel, and still haven’t done anything remotely “adventurous” as what Maureen Wheeler did when she was 20! I can only imagine! She, along with her husband Tony, took off from London, crossed Europe and Russia to reach Australia. Now that’s an adventure.

Their story is well-worn with the world. Any one who picks up a copy of Lonely Planet can see the amount of work and detail that has gone into a single page in the book. The couple travelled to various countries and wrote several books and guides. Right now, they have over 500 titles, including how to travel with children, how to travel on a budget, where to go on a honeymoon, travelling light, etc.

They’ve won many awards and recognition. No praise is more worthy than the one which comes from within. I’m sure that the couple, in spite of their troubles, financial constraints, familial responsibilities and the like, never let go of their spirit. The spirit that burns even after 30 long years.

Lonely Planet‘s main commerical arm is BBC Worldwide. They’ve about a 1,000 staff members in countries across the planet.

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