Lost And Found – Latest Harry Potter Script!

Brrhhh… Aaargh…

That must be just what the film crew of the latest Harry Potter is feeling like! Check out what the news site have to say. In order to celebrate a triumphant finishing of the filming, the film crew let themselves on a binge. And the result? They forgot the movie’s script, which says “Private and Confidential”, at the pub!

It was a Sun reader who found the script under the crew’s table and handed it over to the UK paper’s office. Warner Bros was happy when the tabloid turned it in. The script for The Deathly Hallows apparently runs into two movies – the second of which is due only mid next year.

Similarly, an earlier Harry Potter book copy, too, was found by someone months before it was to be published. So, what say you – publicity stunt or plain carelessness?

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