Language This? Naaah…

“Emmandi Arthamkadha?” And I’m like, “What?”

One flurry of Telugu to push you right into the wall, man! I carry on with reading my book. “Oye! Em Cheysnaaru?” And more sentences like that followed. Grrhh… I’m gonna teach them a lesson. I let out a para in Malayalam, English and Kodava – languages I’m comfortable with – and you should have seen their faces. Mouths especially.

That’s what happens when you end up in Teluguland without knowing Telugu. But now I’ve learnt enough Telugu to say that I don’t understand nor speak it. The best thing about being comfortable with languages and still bluffing to someone about not understanding is that they don’t stop to think when they bit** about you!! And all the while you sit there, every word sinking in!

India has some 6,000-odd languages – that’s including all tribal dialects, oral languages and every other form of verbal and written communication across the country – out of which 5,999 are in use!!! And to think you can get by with Hindi or English. What a shame! Even if you need to find the local version of the word for ‘milk’, ‘bag’, or even ‘hot’, it’s difficult.

More on this when I’ve learnt to swear in Telugu!

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    true that…

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