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Marx and Engels: A Biographical Introduction by Ernesto “Che” Guevara

That this unpublished introduction was written by a practicing Commie and a devoted Marxian makes this book credible. Spanning 70-odd pages, Che recreates the lives of Marx and Engels: he looks at the both of them from their birth to death, and deals with everything in between. The book also has interesting photographs and ample quotes of theirs.

Che was profoundly influenced by Marxism, and practiced it in his contribution to the Cuban Revolution and also in Africa, which he visited in 1965. We can draw parallels between Marx’s and Che’s lives. Both had left their family, so to say, in order to widen the world’s and their own conceptualisation of Communism; Marx by only having to relocate to London and Che travelling the world.

Marx and Engels were born in Rhineland, in a gap of around two years, but they associated with each other only in their youth. Marx was way ahead of Engels in most aspects. Hegels would only be dreaming of putting his idea on paper when Marx would have already made his a book. In some ways, both of them crossed paths – in the books they frequently brought out and in their criticisms. Later, they co-authored books, Engels often played the “elder” brother to Marx, both ideologically and in his personal life.

Verdict: Communists, students, activists and political scientists will love this book: absolutely insightful and crisp. The list of books by both Marx and Engels, and Che’s own reading is very helpful.

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