Celebrating Scotland

Scotch Whisky: Creative Fire – The Story Of Scotland’s Greatest Export

To write a book about Scotch Whisky and be able to address more than just the average whisky-lover is in itself challenging. Stuart Delves’s creatively-spun words will attract even a lay man who would like to know about the drink itself, its history and how Scotch Whisky came to be the brand it is today.

“Scotch is a phenomenon,” says Delves, and he goes on to prove that. He has about 20 years of copywriting experience and has written tag lines and captions for brands such as Glenfiddich, The Macallan and The Famous Grouse. This whisky enthusiast is the director of 26 Scotland and co-counded Henzteeth, a leading copywriting agency. He also writes poetry and fiction.

In an industry where taste and smell matter as much as right advertising of a product, Scotch Whisky has emerged the classical winner. And the book celebrates the achievement. Delves takes us through the history of Scotch Whisky, the world’s first whisky distilleries and Scotch Whisky’s journey to emerge a leading global brand.

Each chapter is peppered with funny quotes, trivia, and of course, serious business. By dealing with the history of Scotch Whisky Delves has described the history of Scotland, its neighbours, cultural and socio-economic aspects of the people and much more. His personalised accounts give much insight into nuances that might otherwise be missing in a book purely dealing with the drink. But beware, the industrial and advertising jargon can get to you sometimes; even to a point where you find it hampers your flow of reading.

Verdict: Read it if you love your drink; read it if you love history.

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