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The Deceived by Brett Battles

Jonathan Quinn isn’t a high-profile assassin. He is a ‘cleaner’; an ex-CIA agent, too. Someone who disposes of bodies and cleans up the murder scene. The Deceived is the second in row of a series of Jonathan tidies novels by Brett Battles. The story line is much like a thriller movie – lots of chases, across-the-continent trips and, of course, gun battles.

On a usual-seeming morning, Quinn turns up for work, only to find that the body to be disposed of belongs to CIA agent and friend Steven Markoff. He, along with his smart-alecky apprentice Nate, and old friend Orlando, unravels the mystery of his friend’s death. The action thickens as they find Jenny, Markoff’s girlfriend missing. A race to Singapore, Congressman’s involvement, work turning personal… all this makes for a gripping read.

Slight mismanagement in the shaping of plot and characters can be overlooked for the fact each and every act – whether a thinking process or a shootout in the dockyard – is full of minute details. All that you need to know about the action sequence is explained at length. And, the constant deception lurking at every major turn of the novel will surely keep you reading. Battles’ mantra of “read, observe, experience and write” for those who wish to become authors is corroborated in this fast-paced novel of his.

Verdict: I loved it cos’ it felt like a paperback version of a CSI Miami episode.

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