The Wonder Called Wodehouse

“Wodehouse is the best antidote for depression,” so says my colleague. I second that! Pick up any P.G. Wodehouse novel or short story, and chances are you’ll snap outta your gloominess in a jiffy. All his stories are peppered with comedy, jokes, tricks and near-sarcastic wit almost every three sentences (I’m not exaggerating).

My favourites are the ones featuring Jeeves and Wooster. Bertram Wooster is a a leisure-loving jovial chap, who falls into trouble faster than he can finish his dinner. And Jeeves, is his trusted butler and confidante, who fishes him outta the trouble he is in. Woostie (As I’d like to call him) usually gets betrothed to a damsel, only to realise that he likes someone else, or in more hilarious circumstances, the damsel might run after another man, whom Woostie himself might rescue from a tight situation, for his damsel to marry in the end!

The best thing about Wodehouse is probably that his writing never fails to keep you glued to the pages in spite of his story lines being quite predictable at times. Also that every story ends in a positive, often funny, note.

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