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GovernMint of India: In Inside View by T.S.R Subramanian

This revelation of a book is authored by retired IAS officer T.S.R Subramanian. I call it a revelation because this book gives a well-formed view of the Indian government, its structure and functioning and assesses the operations of the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive. For those who slept during their civics, economics and history classes in school, this book gives you information on the working of this giant country called India. You can say it is “a stock-taking on Governance of sixty years since Independence”.

Subramanian’s extensive experience in India’s foremost institutions has shaped his carefully chosen words and phrases and have given form to many an agency in India, in his book. In very lucid and easy language, he takes the reader through anecdotes and events in a horde of political figures, organisations and sectors—like various ministries, the Parliament, lawyers, PSUs, civil servants, the media, and more.

Verdict: Almost a sequel to his earlier Journeys through Babudom and Netaland: Governance in India. Makes for a quick read. Slightly sarcastic in places.

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